Day 101 - Step 1 | Cut the sugar

This one is a toughie. I'd like to say I rounded up the offending suspects laying about the house and tossed them, but I didn't. Worry not! the sugary treats are no longer a problem, they've been duly consumed.

To be most successful at this endeavour, I'll need to limit my intake as much as possible. For that to be true I need to recognize the things I indulge in.

At Home

Once a day: A sweet latte, approx 2 teaspoons of sugar

Twice a week: Blended Ice Moroccan Mint Bubble milk tea

Three times a week: raisin roll from bakery

Location dependant

Karak (concentrated dose of spicy chai with sugar)

I went through our records for the year till date. Unfortunately, Deliveroo and Uber have earned a handsome sum from us. Amazon was a close second. But let's shift our focus back to sugar, it's a dangerous thing to overload one's habit inquisition process.

I know the need for coffee is psychological in nature. I myself had never drank coffee until I was in my late 20s. I won't focus on it now, two teaspoons is a lot lower than the daily limit of 9 teaspoons or 37 grams.

Eliminating the rest requires I replace them with things equally convenient, portable, and satisfying.

At the moment my only quick and relatively easy on the body snack is bran flakes with low fat milk.

I welcome your suggestions for easy to eat, low in sugar, portable food / drink items.

I think I'll be sporting my first ever 6 pack by my 36th bday. This is your chance to get your piece of history.

I shared this with my wife and her first instinct was to stifle laughter. Challenge accepted.

p.s. she also gave me a hug of encouragement.

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