Day 102 - Step 2 | Cut the wheat

I stuck to my one coffee. I walked through the largest mall in the world, with the smell of chocolate chips wafting through the air and samples galore shoved in my face and survived it all.

I did however crave bao. Early in the day, when my sugar levels were waning, my sugar gut whispered 'Bao, Bao, Bao, Bao'. Fulfilling that request became my sole motivation for the next two hours. I pictured the number of buns I'd buy, limiting myself to 2 in order to ensure I didn't have too much of that bread. Once I arrived at the restaurant, I'd been walking for a good hour, and hadn't had lunch. The 2 buns became 6, I also added a side of tom yum soup and a raw juice/vegetable blend to counter the guilt I was about to consume.

I think being explicit about reducing sugar was a good thing, but my sugar gut is really good at rationalizing increased consumption of other foods that it knows also contain sugar. Most everything contains sugar. Even bread. So I'll have to cut that down too.

There's got to be a way to remember what minimal amount of food ingredients make the optimal amount of dishes.

Put another way, how many sugar free and wheat free food ingredients whether they be fruits, vegetables, nuts etc do I need to have, before I can make a palatable combination of food.

Maybe the number is 22?

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