Day 103 - Step 3 | Choose to be epicurious

I've had ketchup with some food items for as long as I remember. Today I had McDonalds. Yes, I at first groaned as loudly as you did and lamented my choice to eat cardboard. But this time around, I was curious. I wanted to cut back on sugar right? So I asked myself, how much sugar was in the ketchup packets?

4 grams. That's 1 teaspoon. There are 3 teaspoons in a tablespoon. I used 5 packets. So I ate 1.5 tablespoons of sugar with my cardboard.

I know sugar is in a lot of things, and obviously it's in ketchup. I just didn't realize how easy they make it to poison yourself. Now I'm wondering, how long will it take for my palate to be cleansed of sugar, so that normal food can taste like it should. It's probably going to take as long as I will take to find out if there is any real food left and where to find it. Much of the frankenfoods that have been placed in our food supply probably have high sugar content, or have lost their taste in favour of resilience against diseases. Read about the history of the banana in your fruit bowl.

At least now, the only cardboard I'll entertain, is the tabletop kind.

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