Day 106 - The worst part is over

I had two coffees, no sugar, a spinach juice concoction, slipped up with a pizza (thin crust though), protein in the evening, and didn't touch the kunafa (so proud of myself)

Total sugar today, whatever was in the pizza crust. The headache is gone. I've stayed hydrated. So I'll continue this minimal sugar trend for a bit longer.

I've been trying to figure out how to create a theme for my posts. Either I post two different things each evening, with one tracking the service design project, and the other my focus on minimizing sugar, bread, and increasing exercise. Or I alternate them every day.

Now that I've built this writing habit, I can pay attention to a project I wanted to undertake sometime back. There are a series of books called 50 X classics. Where the author summarizes 50 books on x topic. I digest them mostly through audio books and had thought it'd be worthwhile to reflect on a book a week.

Now that I write each day, I could capture my reflections each evening on the topic each book covers. The important part would be to catalogue it in a way that I could easily parse the information into byte sized bits that could be scheduled in advanced and shared through platforms.

For now, I won't tackle the challenge of figuring out the platform organizing bit. I'll focus on digesting the audio books and capturing notes in a manner that would allow people to be curious.

Here's a sample excerpt from the book 'On becoming a leader' by Warren Bennis

“True leaders are not interested in proving themselves, they want above all to express themselves fully” How this expression manifests is reliant on how they recognize context in life instead of surrendering to it. This refers to our tendency to react regardless of context, even though we'd be better served by better understanding our context and responding accordingly.

I'd however add stories that could more clearly allow readers to visualize the themes or insights shared by the author.

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