Day 107 - Service Design Journal.12

The presentation is tomorrow. Time flies.

In two short weeks we:

  • created 3 hypothetical journey maps
  • conducted 30 hours of stakeholder interviews
  • conducted 3 workshops
  • refined 3 current state blueprints
  • clarified 3 current state journey maps
  • drew 2 story boards and 3 personas
  • created a life cycle journey
  • built a limited demonstrable prototype

So what's the presentation about? It's the kickoff meeting with the ceo and department directors.  The idea was to demonstrate what utilizing the service design methodology was capable of. The aim is to flip the concept of a kickoff meeting on it's head. To ensure the above deliverables are part of the kickoff experience. So that senior stakeholders can see something tangible. So instead of rolling up in suits and saying "We're going to start the project and this is what we'll do", we can roll up in jeans and say "This is what we've already done, and this is what we'd like to do, with your support"


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