Day 110 - Do it in person

I've been feeling discouraged by the lack of responses to the upcoming LeadIN cohort.

I have two people lined up who have applied, and 55 odd people who have viewed the form (tracking via and didn't apply.

Today, I relayed in person to 4 people, what the cohort will be about. I think I spent a collective 2 hours, and they're all interested. Whether they apply remains to be seen.

The co-working space has declined to offer us the space. They didn't see value in bringing the same people to the space. A little outside the box thinking would have helped them understand that quality over quantity of engagements is what draws people back to a place. Ironically, their name has 'box' in it. I didn't have access to the conversation so it would have been lost in translation anyway.

I've decided to go ahead with a space I'm familiar with, that's free, the only challenge is ensuring that on the days we intend to be there, there aren't large distracting events happening at the same time.

I remain hopeful, though I do need to push more to get the 12 I need to start.

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