Day 112 - Firsts

I passed out before 10 pm. That's a first. Woke up feeling rested at 4.30 am. That's another first. I would have slept longer were it not for lil dude crackling. He's just past 6 months, so we're removing sleep associations before they form completely.

It's been tough, but it seems to work. We've stopped the rocking and the food that we gave him just before bed. We're trying to space out the food before bed so he's had some time to digest and burp. If he cries, we only console him after 8 to 10 mins. Though this time he fell asleep after 2 mins.

He slept for 9 hours straight for the first time in his short life. Then we fed him and put him back to bed at 4.48 am, the crying ebbed and flowed and seemed to crescendo at just about the 8-10 mins window I'd go in to console him. After I went in at 5.57 am, within 10 mins he slept.

The first night I tried this, which was yesterday, his mum was away for a trip, which worked in our favour, I didn't have to manage two people crying. My mom also arrived yesterday.

I think part of the reason I slept well is because she's around and has a calming effect on us all.

I saw my first robot factory, so cool. Hung out with the guys just for the sake of being guys, that's a first for me here. I forgot what that felt like, no items on the agenda, just good food, coffee and laughter. I think we hit 3 places, or maybe 2, it felt flowy.

Had two stakeholder interviews I conducted alone, it's just way easier than on-boarding people when you have a limited timeline.

Dropped a 1.5lb from restricting sugar, celebrated by having sugar. That, is something I need to work on.

How should I celebrate an end of a good week without sugar?

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