Day 113 - Rituals

I found myself wondering how normal it is to be on calls related to the workplace. The frequency of these meetings could be once a week or every day.

What intrigues me is that a similar habit or ritual doesn't exist between family. Not mine anyway.

So I reached out to a cousin, and asked him if it would be of interest to him if I hosted a monthly catch up call. That family members could dial in to.

With my online facilitation experience I could allow for everyone to be heard, so the chaos one would expect isn't at issue here.

What does become apparent however, is that at the workplace, communication is sought after to clarify where a team is, in terms of achieving it's goals.

Would a catchup call work, if there isn't an over arching goal for the family? Were the family crests of old and the motto's engraved on them a simpler means of communicating the family vision.

Cursory research indicates the crests were initially for individuals. At some point in time they became hereditary, between father and son, and between mother and daughter. So it needed to start with someone, there wasn't a mom and pop shop that strategized your family brand and charged you a loaf of bread for their efforts.

What's your family vision statement?

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