Day 114 - The story Of febreze

Scientist mixing chemicals, went home.

Wife noticed no smell of cigarettes

Developed chemicals to remove smells.

Eliminate your odors! Febreze was born

Out on shelves no response

Visited customers, they put it in the back of the closet.

Found customers that use it. Asked to watch them clean up.

At end of task, they sprayed it twice

Why? Makes things nicer, a ritual.

Watched videos of customers cleaning

Noticed a smile, happiness, pride at end of task.

Febreze was now sold to make things smell nice.

People don't crave for odors to disappear.

They crave for things to smell nice when they finish cleaning.

A craving was created. Millions made.

We are monkeys pressing levers.

Story from Charles Duhigg, the power of habit.

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