Day 119 - Boards of ideation pt.2

So we've empathized with people and told engaging stories.

Ah yes, crucially, remember the two groups that went first? that had the most humanizing stories? We stopped the presentations there in and went for a refreshment break.

The aim here was to allow for the empathy to percolate, and to return recharged for the two remaining presentations. In addition to allowing the participants to exchange notes on the wonderful story they witnessed, it also allowed for us to spring board into the next ideation exercise without losing momentum.

We used the opposite thinking and analogous thinking exercises to explore 3 problem statements. The importance of starting with opposite thinking was because "agency is made possible by the 'looseness' of conversational constraints"The participants recognized that they had agency the  to flip their assumptions during their table conversations, which allowed for an open conversation based that encouraged the sharing of assumptions.  This allowed for the foundation of ideation to be set. 

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