Day 120 - Boards of destination pt.3

I really should try and write everything by the next night.

We last left our participants in a state of seldom tasted freedom to explore conversations without repercussions. It's also important to note, that most of the participants are from collectivist cultures, where harmony and prioritizing the group over the individual is paramount.

With opposite thinking, and analogous thinking exercises doing their jobs of facilitating for ideas to be generated, the next step was for participants to do a simple dot voting exercise. This was followed by the pièce de résistance, the action map.

I hadn't used one before, and though it looked strange and confusing at first glance. Most of us facilitators were able to rally our tables to aim for action. I'd like an article but I couldn't dig up any, you'll have to talk to Richie about this one.

Essentially, what an action map does is allow for conversations to focus in on the opportunity. In step one you start by selecting the part of the emotional journey you'd like to tackle, whether it's the awareness, catalyst, reaction, the embrace, or sharing. Alongside this is the selection of the problem statement you've previously ideated for during the previous ideation exercises.

Step 2 allows for participants to select the user archetype they'd like to provide a solution for by placing them in an environment, identifying their core needs and figuring out what supporting roles (or individuals) would be necessary to solve for their problem.

The third and final step challenges participants to break up their idea into events that describe the ideal journey for their persona before, during and after the opportunity is realised.

This is capped by the completion of an opportunity statement. "There is an opportunity to provide [Who] with [what advantage] that [fills what need].

There you have it, an ideation workshop all wrapped up with 4 presentations that tackled 4 different aspects of a customer's challenges.

Once the project is wrapped up, I might be able to share the details, because this would make a whole lot more sense with particulars.

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