Day 122 - Connectedness

My wife sometime back mentioned that I seem to get consumed and enjoy the work I've recently been doing. Service design, I've come to understand, really activates my need to see connections between information I'm exposed to while on a project.

It happens to be one of my top 5 strengths, when last I took the strengths-finder quiz. In short, the connectedness strength is an ongoing challenge to connect the dots and find meaning between disparate pieces of information, whether it's people, events, places, experiences. It's the curse of patterns, except, gratefully, I don't see it in music or math, but in people, emotions, and now the services they seek and experience.

It's the act of listening to people and revelling in silence for that extra second which encourages the person to let out that which is most true, to me is rewarding beyond compare.

Where sports team fans connect and find joy through the recognition of the totem of their team jersey or scarf on another human. I enjoy understanding the individual. There's an act of intimacy in understanding and recognizing their experience, connecting it to another' is energizing, the pattern continues to swirl and slowly emerges.

I'll just enjoy this feeling for now.

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