Day 123 - Sound capsule

A friend came across a podcast I was on in 2017. It was recorded around this time of the year, and I remember spending way too much time hesitating about getting on the radio, and being on the record for the better part of that year.

Funny that thought, being on the record about myself, as if there were a throng of fact checkers waiting to prove me wrong about myself. What I tried to avoid, in retrospect, was accountability to self. I thought if I didn't have to voice my desires, my story, I'd be safe, I could just sleep and wake up like it was just another day, just like everyone else.

I thanked my friend that came across the podcast, because hearing myself struggle to define what I wanted was a gift. My host demonstrated expert listening and was so welcoming that I could hear myself create a vision that two years on, has mostly come true.

Now wouldn't that be amazing? If you could provide a service for people to create an aural time capsule, that they could review at a future date of their choosing. Expertly interviewed by empathetic curious people who seek to hear you fully. That's basically what my friend and podcast host did. She chose to be curious, and in so doing, allowed me to be.

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