Day 124 - What happened to the time

It's 8 am and I just remembered that I didn't post last night. It was an action packed day. There are many things I'm grateful for, one of them is that I've gotten 12 applicants for the upcoming Leadin cohort.

I've also gotten confirmation for a space for the month of October. All that remains is for the people to commit by paying an online fee, or opting to pay on the day.

I fully expect that we'll have the 12 people become 6 or 7, which is ok for our first time. I'd rather it feel more intimate and that people walk away having experienced something different in Dubai. I'll need to start reviewing the material and making a judgement call on whether I want it to be fully or partly self facilitated. Maybe I can give them the option and see what they're ready for.

This week also seemed to fold in on itself quite quickly as well.

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