Day 126 - Actualization

I printed stickers for the podcasts I'm a part of. Yes, plural. Three in all. Not even two years ago I shied away from recording my voice. Now I'll be attending a podcast forum and sharing stickers with anyone that cares to learn about our podcasts.

My wife used to joke about my life choices, and how I seem to have self-actualized. This was when I was "paying" to volunteer as she called it. Attending events to learn and engage with people who cared about their community.

Fast forward two years later, I'm an unwitting leader of a community that is almost two years old, by virtue of saying yes to being on a podcast, I now a participant in one, an active member of another, and the director of a third. An experiment I held earlier, inspired members of the community to start their own podcasts.

I'm launching the LeadIN chapter in Dubai, and continuing my work in service design.

Lil dude is standing and semi walking ahead of schedule, so my Chief development officer duties are on track.

I've learned how to make good coffee, that tastes good without sugar. So I guess the one thing that remains, that I need to really invest in is my physical health.

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