Day 127 - Podcast Mena

I met the voice of Elmo in Arabic. he didn't introduce himself in that way. I'd arrived early to the space where the podcast forum was being held, hoping to get some work done.

I realized I was being unrealistic, I'd never be able to get work done, when the opportunity to interact with new people, folks I might never see gathered for the same reason, for a short amount of time. I ended up sharing that I was hiding in this room, because I needed to shore up a bit of courage before I could experience the space and the people arriving. He admitted that his experience of extroversion and introversion was highly reliant on the environments he found himself in. Depending on the context, he'd either be a firecracker or wall flower. We then took the time to appreciate the moment we just shared, and how it didn't tax our people meeting batteries.

Things I learned:

  • Decide if you want to make money, then create content in a way that allows people to find you, and pay you. If you don't want to make money, that's also cool. Just decide.
  • If you have 10 listeners, and you still enjoy podcasting, you've made it. 

Check out @mepodcastforum for a window into the arab world of podcasting

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