Day 129 - The long days

They're a blur, especially when there's a headache lurking in the shadows. I decided to leave early from work, and ended up playing with lil dude for what felt like the rest of the day. By the time I realised it, the day was over. The time I spent away from home in the evening, was consumed by the recording I needed to complete. I ended up missing one of the calls.

I know I can reorganize my time better, and that part of the lack of energy relates to the type of food I consume, and the fact that sugar, though minimized, is still active in my system. This coupled with a really bad mattress, makes for poor sleep and rest. I also have neglected the intake of Vitamin D, and placebo or not, it could be affecting my mood.

The weather is getting better, the project is moving as planned. I have a high debt load of interviews to complete transcribing. I'd indicated my preference to the team for two person research visits. I've had to ask questions and take notes. Hence the research debt I've accumulated. Ideally I'd have a second researcher, and they'd be a second brain. Unfortunately, I can't yet complain to the team, because I need to complete transcribing the interviews for the group to be able to draw insights from the interview results.

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