Day 131 - IS:What is the main thing that comes between you and wellbeing?

Interstory prompts are reflections that are inspired by a positive psychology community. In a nutshell, you can get coaching and support from a community coach, and all of the members (including yours truly), and you get daily prompts to reflect on. The above  is one of them. I'll identify them in the header as 'IS:' so that the people behind this wonderful effort are credited for the work they do.  If you'd like to learn more. Visit Interstory

My wife and I are both obligers. We've had a challenging go of reducing our sugar and bread consumption, which we noticed impacts our mood. We've had some success by reducing sugar and bread accessible in the household, and reducing the use of food delivery apps in the evening.

The one thing we need to do better at prioritizing is our physical health. Conceptually, we understand that incremental amounts of exercise will help us develop the habit. Our work environments are flexible, which professionally is great, but that means we end up working (though we enjoy the work) at the expense of time for exercise. We think this is hindering the building of an exercise habit.

The only flexible time we have, that is consistent, is our mornings. Our child was recently sleep trained and started averaging longer evening sleep. So our mornings consistently start at around 6 am. If we can figure out a routine that has us alternating morning workouts, I think we could slowly build the habit.

One of the things that would create this successful outcome, of having energy in the morning, is sleeping earlier.  Because our work requires a considerable amount of human interaction, we  tend to extend our evenings by spending some 'alone' time on our screens, catching up on nothing of consequence. 

One measure of success then, is to put our phones on airplane mode, by 9 pm. Leave them charging in the living room, and to retire earlier to bed. 

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