Day 132 - IS: Farent

Here's an interesting prompt.

How might friendship be an added dimension to nurture and deepen parent-child or parent-teacher relationships?
  • Open
  • Curious
  • Caring
  • Fun-loving
  • Always willing to have a laugh together
  • Can count on each other
  • Want to do cool things with each other
  • Accepting of the whole person (even with his/her eccentricities)

I think the only context I’ve heard friendship in for parents, is in a piece of advice my father gave me in my 20s. He said something to the effect of “A man can have 3 types of offspring. He can have a friend, a brother, or the cause of his death”

He explained that having a friend was to have a child as early as possible in your life, for instance, if they’re 20 and you’re 40, though there is a significant age gap, you’d still be somewhat able to understand each other the way friends would.

A brother, would be someone you’d physically look like, and could pass as a sibling for.

The cause of your death, would be a child you’d have to provide for, when you’re in the later stages of your life.

Considering the life expectancy for the generation my father grew up in, this assessment of his isn’t a strange one.

I also witnessed him age because he willed it. By that I mean, for as long as I've been an adult, his mantra has been "I'm old, I can't do X, I'm old, It's not for me". 

I think it's one of the things that allowed me to start paying attention to my self-talk. Because I'd seen the impact it had on him. 

How will you deepen the friendship between you and your children?

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