Day 133 - IS: Grattitude

How does gratitude fit in your life?

The community question today related to existing practices, and whether we're naturally grateful. Does it come easy to you? 

One member responded that they practice gratitude during specific activities. What I appreciate about this is that it becomes a manageable habit. If there are two things you consistently do, and you remind yourself to be grateful before, during, or after these two activities.  Then it becomes a habit worth commending yourself for. To make it stick, this member lists 3 things they're grateful for. 

I don’t know if it’s the same gratitude mentioned above, but an islamic iteration of it was drilled in to me from young age. Two formulas for gratitude that come to mind and their super rough translations

ُالحمد لله على نعمه - Thank god for all the blessings (the word niima can mean a lot of things)

الحمد لله على كل حال - Thank god in any caseThese formulas are usually accompanied by verses for example

“Fa inna ma’al ‘usri yusra”

“Inna ma’al ‘ussri yusra”

“Then indeed with every difficulty there is ease, indeed with every difficulty there is ease”

I think as a result of my upbringing, and the practice of reflecting on experiences good or bad, as being a part of life, gratitude, patience, and resilience has been more accessible to me, than say my wife, who had a different childhood growing up in Maryland. With our child now in this world, her path to gratitude has widened significantly. Kids are a wonder that way. 

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