Day 136 - The smart people

Folks, reading is so crucial. In the past two weeks I've not read (or audio-booked) as much as I had in September. I'm noticing the value reading had in contributing to the synthesis of my thoughts. I've been saving articles of interest in a bookmark folder labelled 'articles'. The reading debt I've accumulated is increasing. I think I need to set a window of time to read through the links I've saved.

The issue is, I've also accumulated interview debt. I've been conducting a lot of stakeholder interviews solo, as a result I've ended up with hours of audio that needs to be transcribed so I can garner insights from my interactions with the folks I've interviewed.

Parsing through the data alone has been challenging, but with some rewards. I've noticed that in the interviews that involved walking and other members of our team, a lot of interview best practices are set aside. A lot the time the interviewees are interrupted, it becomes a popcorn style conversation, with thoughts being finished for the interviewee.

Being able to go through the recordings, allows me to hear things that were missed in the moments that everyone was trying to make themselves heard.

I'm looking forward to this first phase ending, hopefully we can reassess the way our team approaches discovery for future phases.

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