Day 137 - IS: Talking to strangers

I have the habit of avoiding the ‘where are you from’ and ‘what do you do’ conversation with cab drivers.

On my way to Creative Mornings yesterday, after some pleasantries, I asked him, ‘what’s new?’

He looked at me through the rearview with a puzzled look, and asked incredulously ‘what do you mean what’s new?’

I didn’t have a quick enough response, thrown off by his question, he saw my confusion, and continued ‘everything is new, today is new, you are new, this conversation is new!’

I couldn’t help but laugh, he instantly brightened my mood, and that slight semantic shift that he enabled, I carried to creative morning, as I facilitate the icebreakers, I shared the story, and I watched his thought spread amongst the faces that morning. I later facilitated a learning cohort in the evening, and told his story, and it had that same effect.

Through our conversation, I tried to ascertain whether he had any practice of positive affirmations. From what I could discern, he just had it in his heart, lived it every moment he drove that cab, and for anyone familiar with the tribulations of taxi drivers here, you’ll understand how powerful that is.

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