Day 138 - IS: What could you simplify?


created_at: 2019-10-15 19:08:05


The IS coach writes 

I am preoccupied by the question of how to live with greater simplicity in complex times. I am currently looking at my life to find aspects I could simplify either through saying no, abandoning, streamlining, or limiting. Do any of you find yourselves drawn to simplifying? Have you had any success? Do you have any plans for simplifying?

Personally, I would like to simplify the ways in which I acknowledge the work I’ve done on, with, and for myself. I found old notebooks and somehow I need to synthesize the thoughts I captured in them and possibly digitize them, or catalogue them.

Some of the things I set out to do I’ve achieved, and I’m not sure how to simplify this.

Is this why people created awards for finite goals? What’s the equivalent for oneself?

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