Day 140 - Frame yourself

Using models and frameworks for businesses and organizations is a given

Thinking of ones life as a cycle, with themes and plans, with a narrative arc for oneself is not unheard of but rare.

We tend to enjoy characters that have depth, that strive to grow, we enjoy seeing their journey unfold. We know the impact of writing your own obituary. Why can't we acknowledge that we would benefit from a similar exercise, one that would chart our life similar to a story book.

What kind of story character do we want to become, what would be the arc of our existence like? How many life experiences would we need, before we could begin conceptualizing this as a possibility.

For instance, I'd after much pain set out to change my career, became open to exploring, to being curious, to trying to understand the world that could be, as much as the world that is. Three years have passed, and I've achieved an image of what I set out to do. Knowing what I know now, I could chart the coming 7 years, after taking some considered time to reflect on the patterns in my life.

So really, my question to myself is, how might I frame my story that I'd like to unfold over the coming 7 years.

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