Day 142 - Wonder

Lil dude had his first birthday invites this weekend, two in a row.

Watching him interact with other babies is interesting. A few months ago, he was content to sit in place, not move much, until we took him through some concerted development efforts. His brain has vested a lot of energy in to his muscles, and now I can hardly keep him occupied with books I read. I need to vary my language and tone to get his attention. His physical environment has grown with him, and the living room has become his play location. Once he explored it's corners, he's tried to go further afield, and explore the areas that we tend to carry him to, for example the kitchen where he watches us heat his milk and ready his food.

We tend to encourage him to grab our faces, or items on the floor in his living room kingdom, if it's dangerous we'll do some sleight of hand and replace it with something else that's shiny. One of the birthdays was at a kids playground, we took him to a ball pit and he didn't understand where or what he was experiencing. It's come at a time where we felt that our make shift living room play area was reaching it's limit. He tried to make friends by grabbing at the other children, but they were not as excited by his overtures. Luckily, my sister will be arriving in the coming weeks, so he can practice being social with his cousin.

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