Day 143 - Fame and Frames

I heard some piercing shrieks, that just kept getting louder, and I was worried they'd wake lil dude. At first, I thought it was an overzealous spin cycle instructor, it is after all fitness month, and the city is peppered with free outdoor activities encouraging a healthy lifestyle.

Turns out there was a free Mariah Carey concert outside my balcony. I learned about it through social media, when I noticed a number of people I know, who have never met, were hanging out in the same area. Scrolling through their uploads, I recognized the shriek I'd heard earlier. I then remembered some random documentary that mentioned something about Mariah Carey being one of the few who can generate that ear piercing shriek.

I opened the balcony, and sure enough, there was the concert, is the concert I should say. The balcony door is closed now as I type, but the noise filters in.

Getting excited about celebrity, or famous individuals never appealed to me growing up. I thought something was wrong with me, not being capable of fully participating in a culture that pushed friends and acquaintances alike to consume materials and celebrity. I watched people consume, reject, and counter consume brands, and ideologies alike.

I wonder how much of this for me was because my identity was rooted. It's something I need to explore and take apart. I'd like to be able to create a space for lil dude to grow strong psychologically, physically, and spiritually. I'd like that to be in spite of the challenges we'll face as individuals, as parents, as a couple. So that what may affect him, does not effect him negatively.

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