Day 145 - Is it really necessary?

I've watched a community grow out of a person's need to overcome pain, gain courage and be vulnerable. I saw it tap into a need for connection, belonging, encouragement and growth.

I also watched it build a fence, close the gate, and demand tribute. A part of me is sad, because what helped it grow, was the many tapping into the call for belonging.

Creating connections, that are not pay to play, are rare. Once upon a time, the village center, was the place you could gather, reflect, and connect. Whether that happened near the fire, or by the shadows of buildings made stronger by the fire's light.

Life now though, necessitates a pattern of survival, that doesn't make it easy, to create spaces to belong. Whether it's to belong to fully, connect with briefly, or to grow alongside.

If it was the vanity of kings that created the pattern of hosting creative minds who were in service of pursuing truth through art, science, and math. Who in our times seeks to champion curiosity, community, and a space to belong.

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