Day 150 - Big number

Another number reached.

This time, I'm wondering, what would allow me to create similar success, but for a physically oriented habit.

My fingers aligning with my thoughts was not easy, but achievable. I'd like to now engage my whole body, physically, in a way that I could mentally enjoy it.

I think my major obstacle, is just that, I think. I think away the exercise. Finding many an obstacle, whether it be sugar, work, or laziness.

I know for instance, when it comes to writing, I decided to stick to #100 days. It was finite, in essence I in a way tricked myself in to continuing. I also didn't shame myself for the nights that I couldn't. I just made up for it a day or two later.

So then what I'm going to commit to. Is 30 minutes a day, for #100 days.

It needs to be a block of time, where I'm intentionally active. I need to set a timer. Complete it. And then I'll note it in standard notes. So as to leverage the writing habit.

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