Day 163 - Task stacking

I managed two days this past week. The second time was a little more interesting.

I intended to run on the spot like a friend suggested. But this time, outdoors since the weather is getting better.

I didn’t feel like leaving the house so I made some coffee, I couldn’t drink the coffee because we ran out of milk. So I left to get some milk, on the way, I spotted our nanny with lil dude, so I stopped by to say hi, he reached out so I took him for a speed walk session. That was a good 5 mins. Then I remembered that I initially intended to get milk, and remembered that I also wanted to get a beard trim. So I decided to run the 50 meters to the barber, only to find them closed. I remembered there was another barber, 150 meters away, and I could get milk from near there. So I ran the 150 meters, to find that barber also closed. Since I was already out, I figured I’d sprint the 100 meters home.

I forgot to buy the milk, I didn’t drink the coffee, but I learned I was super out of shape because I started seeing stars in the elevator.

Somehow task stacking vs habit stacking worked in this instance.

Maybe I’ll run the 200 meters to the bakery tomorrow morning.

Also I just caught up on almost 6 posts. yay.

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