Day 166 - Craving community

Transcribed by the wonderful Brandon. Thank you for finding value in what I shared.

“I just sent a long email to the mapping people, Sutra, can't remember what it was called. out something. They have a weaver app. I've been trying to map this community forever and in my mind, I know why I need to map it. It's because so many things have happened between members and till date, some people meet each other and they're like OH! And I'm like how do you guys not know each other! You’re in the same group! how do you guys not know each other.

I want to offload my knowledge through this mapping exercise. And at the root of it, its just trying to get people to connect at a more human level. Especially when our lives go into so many different directions and places and you can't all identify each other in the work that we do and how it relates to each other.

So I wrote them a long huge email, being like please give me access, give me support, I would want to do this before I leave. Because it would be such a waste, and I think especially within organizations they, the kumu/coho people identify it as. You've got two people on either end, you've got the bottlenecks that take on all of the information and (don't share it) and become bottlenecks, that's within organizations. And also you've got the quiet heroes that nobody knows that they do these things to facilitate.

I'm not looking at this from the organization, I'm looking at some of the things that were written about just mapping organizations. But how do you map community, one that is not self-organizing.

It's just one or two or three maximum four nodes in this community that are able to connect people together and are selflessly giving their time.

HOW DO YOU MAKE THAT MORE VISIBLE so that people understand the kinds of behaviors that have been benefitting them and in that manner EMULATE that behavior and GENERATE it becomes GENERATIVE EMPATHY?”

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