Day 167 - Cr... curiosity

There are stories you read, of billionaires in garages, and a lot of them, are accompanied by stories of them as children, and their first experience with a computer.

In most of these stories, you learn that the protagonist was encouraged to learn, to read, and to experiment with the desktop computer by their parents. Through guidance, and deliberate mentoring, they went on to build applications and a life in the technology industry, albeit with some access to privileged networks.

I like my life, I also try and stay away from sitting too long at a desk, so I don't regret this life I have.

If memory serves me right, I remember my father's desk, with an ugly grey box, that had boxes of books of something he called daws. I remember that I had to stay away from the daws. Sometimes, I'd get caught being on the daws, fiddling with a floppy, that had what looked like people going up and down the screen, it was that era's state of the art soccer game.

That curiosity remained, and in later years utilized to get free internet, fix people's PCs and reboot their modems, amongst other things.

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