Day 168 - My foray in to service design pt1

It's Dubai Design week, I attended a session on the future of Design careers hosted by a local design college. At the end of the talk, a member of the audience came up to one of the speakers and asked them about graduate education options for service design, for context, they had experience in architecture and wanted to gain enough exposure to practice service design, something that is difficult.

Their question had me thinking about the rough seas, islands, and icebergs I needed to traverse for a chance at a career in service design.

Doodle - rough seas

“Therefore do not deceive yourself! Of all deceivers fear most yourself!”
― Søren Kierkegaard

When I was recovering from my time in "H.R.", I only knew that I should apply for H.R. roles; after all these roles are what defined me, it made me who I was, and my value was inextricably linked to me being able to perform in these roles for someone, in some company. I'd invested years of my life in this, what else could I do?

Those thoughts had me stuck in a loop of interviews, rejections, mindless applications and eventual depression. These are the rough seas my friend, where the nights will be dark and leave you feeling cold, thrashing violently between waves of despair, apathy, and rejection. This is going to be 80% of your journey, because the validation I sought, is the one that was least useful.

It took me sometime to look past the waves, and see the guiding star, which led me to an island.

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