Day 169 - To breathe

I went on a long walk, and it was the first time in somewhile, that I didn't feel lonely. Two things happened. I had a goal, I was walking to pick something up from someone, and I was listening to an audio book, that kept reminding me to breathe. It encouraged me to breathe in over 3 to 4 steps and breathe out over 3 to 4 steps.

Practicing this while walking allowed me to notice things like the petals of jasmine on the floor, and the child whose mom I asked about the toy she was using. I think my lightened state made me feel more cognizant of others, and they related to me as a result, and took a few moments of their time to converse.

I played with my son, and kept consciously snapping back to his reality, with each moment of awareness, reducing the seconds I spent on things that didn't belong in that moment.

I folded my laptop screen closed, and turned my phone over when my wife approached me with a request to be heard.

I acknowledged my body and it's need to be hydrated, noting the dryness of my lips, and the tension in my jaw.

Tomorrow, I will note the feeling in my body, and exercise. Inshallah

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